When do we say it is too much??

I was reading Computers and Human Behavior by Kirschner and Kirpinski (2010) and this came to my mind:

This overexposure and “usage” of FB reminds me of Rockmelt browser that would have had users logged onto FB 24/7 as well as other social networking sites

and the new HTC Status phone with a separate FB button.

When do we say it is too much?


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6 responses to “When do we say it is too much??”

  1. Keith Kaplan says :

    I totally remember Rock Melt. I used that for a few weeks, but then Chrome came out with their Web Store and started to implement more extensions and add-ons. Rock melt was definitely a beta though. I already think Facebook is 24/7 in our lives. You may not actively be on FB 24/7 but your content is and that’s pretty important. What do you think about the new FB make overs.

    • marialarahwang says :

      I had Rockmelt for less than a week and could not stand it. Haha. I try not to stay on FB and get too involved. My friends realized and made accommodations to invite me to events via email and text :p

      I think that brings me back to the Kirschner and Karpinski’s (2010) article about the GPA and academic performance effect being more of a simple personality thing as opposed to FB being the causal reason for the low performance. I firmly believe that FB will distract and encourage me to procrastinate more so I restrict myself. That has been the same attitude for me when it came to video games, Internet usage, movies, music play, etc.

      The new features of FB seem as crazy as the additional features they keep adding every other month or so. It definitely makes me feel the page is more “moving” than static as it used to be. It reminds me of search engines that have ads constantly changing such as Yahoo! Too much maybe?

  2. bankcolumbia says :

    Too much?
    I just came back from Thailand for summer break. And I found out that people do love check-in, post pics and update status on Facebook whenever and wherever they are: dinner with friends, driving in the traffic jams and even in the meeting rooms. I need to accept that I feel annoyed sometimes but I don’t know what I should do to them, since they are enjoying their virtual worlds as same as I am enjoying my reality world with them.

    • marialarahwang says :

      That is such an interesting point you make Bank! People are enjoying their “virtual world” as much as you are enjoying your “reality world” with them….hmmmm never thought of it that way. I am still going to say that I am annoyed when people are constantly on their iPhones, HTCs and other electronic devices at every single moment of their lives, especially if we are like dining together or something. I mean there is an understanding that a little bit of that happens but sometimes it is just overboard. I remember going to a lounge/bar and noticing that the table next to me had about FIVE people on their phones for an HOUR straight. I did not understand why they were all there together to begin with. I would have stayed home, if I were them. haha.

  3. Chris says :

    Thank you for mentioning both Rockmelt and the new HTC phone with a separate FB button. Goodness. When do we say it is too much? I really don’t know where to draw the line, but why do I slightly feel overwhelmed by those two images?

  4. marialarahwang says :

    Hi Chris,

    I know!!!! I am usually overwhelmed in classes when our classmates keep mentioning a new technology/software/program/ initiative/research/organization/project in educational technology. I feel as a student in educational technology I have to be updated with ALL those things but I just physically can’t!!! While I wrote this post probably thousands of apps and new projects concerning technology in the classrooms were probably created, tossed around as an idea, tried out, etc. So how could I keep up with the speed of all those inventions and ideas, right?

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